Keith Crane

Player – Senior Flag

Associate Member – #97

The past year has been a very busy year for Keith and he has opted not to register for the club in 2018.

The club hope that when things calm down, he will rejoin the club and continue his Flag Football education.

New to the Broncos in 2017

Despite being around the flag scene for a few years, Keith still considers himself as a novice to the finer points of the game. After playing a number of other contact sports, and gaining one too many injuries, Flag Football was proposed as an idea.
Keith started playing flag with the Carluke Cobras during the last two years of their league existence. The Cobras always had a number of good players in the team, including a number of GB and Chieftains players. Keith gained some great experience from his time at the Cobras, including playing AGAINST the Broncos on a number of occasions.
After taking a couple of years away from the game, Keith made a Flag comeback with the Cobras at the Flagging New Year Tournament – where both he and the team put in a great performance to finish in 4th place, especially given some of the hugely talented opposition. Asked about his favourite memory of the tournament he said, “Sacking the Sweden International QB on the last throw of the Quarter Finals to get the Cobras over the line”.
The experience got the taste back in his mouth, and since then he has been training and playing with the Grangemouth Broncos, his closest team.
Keith admits he hasn’t yet decided what his favourite position is! “I joined the Broncos in order to get the coaching I need to help me bring my game to the level I know I am capable of.”
Keith has great pace, and both he and the Broncos are working hard to discover how best to make use of it.