Who Are We

The Grangemouth Flag Football Club plays Flag Football (non-contact, 5 on 5 American Football)

We practice and play our games at Almond Terrace, Whitecross.

We have three adult teams:-

The Grangemouth Broncos

This is the team we have fielded over the past nineteen years. The Broncos have been one of the top ten teams in the UK over the past four to five years. In 2019 we played in the British American Football Association (BAFA) Premier Conference North, the top tier league created in 2017 to allow the top teams to play more competitive matches.

The Grangemouth Colts

With the success of the Broncos and with an expanding squad of players, the Club needed to create a second team.  The creation of the Premier leagues for Flag, seemed like the ideal opportunity. The Colts were created in 2017 and played in the Div 1 leagues against other developing teams.

The Colts is an ideal team for new players to join as they learn the skills required to play Flag Football. As a player’s skills progress, they will have the opportunity to play with the Broncos in the Premier League.

The Grangemouth Fillies

There were a growing number of partners, wives, girlfriends, sisters and daughters turning up at our games. In 2019 the decision was taken to launch a Ladies team, the Grangemouth Fillies.

Rather than target the 2019 Opal season, (Which was fairly soon after the creation of the team) the girls decided to aim for the 2020 Flagging New Year tournament.

Where did the club come from…

Grangemouth Broncos have evolved over the years. They started out as the Forth Valley Generals, an adult American Football Club formed in the late 1980s. The Generals then transformed into the Falkirk Cougars around 1990, playing first at Sunnyside in Camelon, then at Inchyra Park in Grangemouth. Around 1995/96 the Cougars became the Denny Broncos, still playing American Football.
However, somewhere between 1996 and 2000 the club turned to Flag Football, which initially allowed for some amount of pushing and blocking at the line of scrimage.

In 2000 the club was back at Grangemouth but had re-invented itself as the Grangemouth Broncos Flag Football Club. At this point, the club rapidly expanded and had teams playing at all age bands. Players ages at that point ranged from 6 to 45.
The Broncos kids teams at this point were amongst the most successful teams in Britain. We had teams who won the Scottish Championships and one team who won two national titles and competed in Europe. Many of the Broncos players, of all ages, represented Scotland with some going on to play for Great Britain.

More recently, with the demise of the NFL Europe, the under 16 American Football scene has fallen back somewhat and the number of kids playing flag has dwindled in Scotland to virtually nil.

Now, the Broncos Senior team continues to go from strength to strength as they reap the rewards of the earlier program as some of those youngsters from the early 2000s make their mark in the adult team. The Broncos are now one of the best teams in Britain in the BAFA Adult Flag League.

The Club is always on the lookout for New players, so, come and join us at one of our practices. We practice most Saturday mornings (unless there are games or international commitments) from 10:00 until 12:30 at Almond Terrace, Whitecross.

If you want to play for the Broncos, Colts or Fillies you must be 16 or over. Males and females are equally eligible to play for the Broncos and Colts teams. The Fillies are a is a ladies-only team, and will mostly be entered into female only competitions.

5 thoughts on “Who Are We

  1. Hey guys.
    i’m Intrested in getting back into football.
    I’ve been out for a season due to injury, and i’m not quite ready to be back to full contact yet but i’m looking to hopefully join a flag club for a season to get me back in my stride.
    i played for EKP Juniors and then half a season with senior team.
    I played Wideout at senior and when i played flag (quite a while ago now) i was a free saftey.
    Was wondering if there what days you guys train/play and if there was any room on the team?

    1. Hi Cammy, I know you got a response from the Facebook page, but thought I would respond to this post too.
      We practice most Saturday mornings 10:00 – 12:30 at Almond Terrace, Whitecross.
      Now is a perfect time to get involved since we are expanding to two teams.
      We should have a practice this Saturday, 25th Nov. For December, we are not planning any practices.
      2nd of December is currently a day out for the players, 9th of December we may be arranging a social game depending on the weather, 16th Dec, we will be at Grangemouth Stadium for a Combine day. Then it is Christmas.
      In January, again depending on the weather, we hope to get back into practices as early as possible to prepare for the Flagging New Year tournament.
      All of the above dates should be confirmed on the Facebook pages prior to each weekend.
      Hope to see you soon.

    2. Hi Cammy. You still interested in playing flag? Our practice should be ON this weekend (depending on the weather). Let me know if you are likely to be there and I will keep you up to date.
      Venue is Almond Terrace, Whitecross. EH49 6LJ

  2. Hi Jim are you still involved with the American football, it’s been a long time since we have met would be good to catch up , stirling, glen, and big Dave from Fort William

    1. Hi Stirling,
      Good to hear from you.
      Yes, I am still involved with American Football. Feels like even more than I was before.
      I am heavily involved in running the Grangemouth Flag Football Club (we can trace the history from the Falkirk Cougars through to the Grangemouth Broncos). But the club is now a Flag Football Club.
      Having been out of the game from around 1994, I was asked to help coach kids at Flag in 2000. Given that it was non-contact, I decided I wasn’t too old YET! I have been saying the same thing for the past 19 years. Over the years I have been really lucky. I have played for Scotland on multiple occasions, for GB in a few friendly matches, and most recently played in the Britbowl semi final. So at this point in time I am still not ready to call it a day.
      How about you guys? Is there much happening in the American Football world around you?
      If you fancy a game of Flag Football or two, let me know and I can see if we can get a road trip organised. Here or there.
      Maybe see you some time.

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