Andy Brown

Player – Senior Flag

Colts – #18

2013 to present

In 2022 Andy will be playing with the Grangemouth Colts in the BAFA Division 1 HNC and Northeast League.







2022 will be Andy’s fifth year as the starting Quarterback for the Colts. During his first couple of years he learned a lot playing in some tough match-ups. As the other teams in the HNC Div 1 improve year on year, Broony’s experience from previous years has stood him in good stead.

Andy Brown (Broony) started playing Flag in 2013 for the Broncos. He watched the NFL on TV, and after claiming he “would  be amazing at that” he was challenged to try out at the Broncos. After his first training session he was hooked.
From those early training sessions, where his goal keeper skills made him a natural, he has improved to the point where he is a regular at the HNC Chieftains practice sessions and has secured a place in the Barbarians squad. In 2017 he was invited to travel with the Chieftains to the Big Bowl tournament in Germany, but unfortunately couldn’t due to other commitments.
Of his experience at the Broncos Andy says “It’s due to the help and training from the coaches and the rest of the team that I have progressed so far. It’s been amazing being a part of, in my eyes, the best team in Scotland. #broncosforlife”
Broony has helped the Broncos to make the League Regional Finals in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Andy has been a starter for the team on many occasions.
In 2016 he was one of the nominations for Defensive Player of the Year.
In 2017, Andy has taken on the responsibility of learning the Quarterback role for the 2018 Colts.

As at 22/08/2022

Senior Games Scores
Played Won Lost Tied TDs XPs 2XPs Pick 6 Safety 2pt Ret Points
Broncos 122 88 31 3 29 28 1 2 214
Colts 94 32 56 6 16  2 5 130


Club Awards

2019 Club Comedy Award Winner

Grangemouth Colts Offensive Player of the Year
Grangemouth Broncos NFL Fantasy League Winner 2017/2018

Kelpie Award

National and International

2019 Super Fives winner as a player with the HNC Chieftains
2018 Super Fives player with the HNC Chieftains