Our Adult Teams

We currently have three adult teams:-

The Grangemouth Broncos

This is the name of all of the teams we have fielded since our first days in 2000. The Broncos have been one of the top ten teams in the UK over the past few years. They have regularly made post season appearances, initially under the Scottish Flag Football Association, then under BAFA.

We currently play in the British American Football Association (BAFA) Premier League, the UK top tier league created in 2017 to allow the top teams to play more competitive matches.

The Grangemouth Colts

With the success of the Broncos and with an expanding squad of players, the Club needed to create a second team.  The creation of the Premier leagues for Flag, seemed like the ideal opportunity. The Colts were created in 2017 and play in the Div 1 leagues against other developing teams.

The Colts is an ideal team for new players to join as they learn the skills required to play Flag Football. As a player’s skills progress, they will have the opportunity to play with the Broncos in the Premier League.

The Grangemouth Fillies

There were a growing number of partners, wives, girlfriends, sisters and daughters turning up at our games. In 2019 the decision was taken to launch a Ladies team, the Grangemouth Fillies.

Rather than target the 2019 Opal season, (Which was fairly soon after the creation of the team) the girls decided to aim for the 2020 Flagging New Year tournament. With all American Football operations closed down during COVID, the Fillies made their BAFA WFFL League debut in 2021, and missed out on the play-offs by the narrowest of margins.