A Brief Catch Up

Many apologies for the lack of information over the past months. No excuses. Must try to do better!
The last update was from the Broncos NFFL Week 2 fixture, and since then a lot has happened, so here is an attempt at a brief update.

Colts NFFL (HNC) Game Day 2 (17th July)
Colts beat the Silvercats 25 – 6. Scorers – James Duffie TD, Steven Cliffe TD, Euan MacLean TD+XP and Gregor McKay first points for the club with a Pick 6
Colts defence frustrated the Oilcats for much of this game but inevitably lost 48 – 0

Broncos NFFL (HNC) Game Day 3 (18th July)
Broncos eventually pulled away to win against Dunfermline Kings 37 – 27. Scorers – Fraser Thomson TD, Jimmy Thomson 2TDs, Kevin Woods 3TDs+XP
It took nerve jangling two point score for the Broncos to overcome the Outlaws 14 – 13 in at very tight game. Scorers Callum Woods 2 TDs, Liam Fleming with the crucial XP2.

Colts NFFL (HNC) Game Day 3 (31st July)
Colts disappointed to lose to the Glasgow Killer Bees, 14 – 20. Scorers – James Duffie TD + 2 XPs and Gregor McKay TD
Colts struggled against the Premier Glasgow Hornets, 0 – 52.

Colts NFFL (HNC) Game Day 4 (8th Aug)
Colts lose to Dunfermline Kings, 6 – 42. James Duffie with the lone TD
Colts lose to Edinburgh Outlaws, 6 – 53. Steven Cliffe with a running TD

Broncos NFFL (HNC) Game Day 4 (same day)
Broncos NOT on top form managed a comfortable win over the Killer Bees, 31 – 6. Scorers – Matthew Ross TD, Kevin Woods TD + Pick6 and Callum Woods 2TDs+XP
But lack of form meant a 13 – 45 defeat to the Hornets. Callum Woods TD, Kevin Woods TD+XP

NFFL (HNC) Game Day 5 (29th Aug) for both Broncos and Colts
Colts beat Chargers in what is normally quite a tight game, 38 – 22. Scorers – James Duffie TD+XP, Andy Brown Run TD, Steven Cliffe 3TDs +XP, Jason Maclean TD
Broncos beat Chargers comfortably, 48 – 12. Scorers – Megan Shelley TD + 2 XPs, Callum Woods 2TDs + XP, Jimmy Thomson 2TDs + XP, Calum Young 2 TDs and Scott McKenzie XP

Then for the first time in competition, Broncos v Colts
As it happened:-
First play Cliffe intercepts McKenzie Pass
Brown to Cliffe TD, XP missed – Colts 6 – Broncos 0
Next play McKenzie to Woods TD, XP missed – Colts 6 – Broncos 6
Even with a 5th down, Colts offence stalls.
McKenzie to Young TD, XP missed – Colts 6 – Broncos 12
Colts stopped short
Broncos Stopped short – (Very short half) Half time – Colts 6 – Broncos 12
Colts first drive, Brown to Euan MacLean TD, XP Brown to Cliffe – Colts back in front 13- 12
McKenzie to Fraser Thomson TD, XP F Thomson to McKenzie – Colts 13 – Broncos 19
Colts stopped
McKenzie to Fraser Thomson TD, XP McKenzie to Callum Woods – Colts 13 – Broncos 26
Colts stopped
McKenzie to Callum Woods TD, XP missed – Colts 13 Broncos 32
Fraser Intercepts Brown pass.
McKenzie to Callum Woods TD, XP missed – Colts 13 Broncos 38
McKenzie intercepts pas to kill the game.
Broncos win 38 – 13
Great game. Great spirit. Thanks to all the spectators who came to Broxburn to cheer us on.

Broncos end the season in third place, Colts in 9th.

Keep watching for new articles on the Granite City Quaich and how the Grangemouth Fillies are getting on in their first year in the Women’s Flagg Football League.