2021 Annual Review

The Grangemouth Flag Football Club Annual Awards Night was held on the 29th of January 2022, at the Beancross Farm. With the Fillies season running until December we decided to delay our Awards Night from it’s usual Oct/Nov date into the new year, enabling us to go over the whole calendar year, and on this occasion include a review of the previous TWO years, post Covid Lockdown..

After a meal the clubs players, friends, supporters and families celebrated the Club and Players’ many achievements over the past two years.

Once again, Club Chairman Jimmy Thomson presented an overview of what had been a very different two years for the Club

  • Fillies First games against Opal opposition
  • Fillies new kit winning Jersey of the Year
  • Broncos once again impressing at Flagging New Year.
  • Fillies getting a win and two ties at Flagging New Year
  • Broncos 8th place and Colts 12th at Flagging Iron Man
  • The sudden end of Winter League
  • The complete close-down of ALL American Football operations due to the Covid pandemic
  • Some of the Club’s on-line activities during lockdown
  • BAFA Flag returning with an all Scotland one level league.
  • Broncos 3rd place in the HNC League, Colts 9th
  • Broncos retain their Granite City Quaich crown
  • Fillies have a great WFFL debut season despite missing out on Finals by the narrowest of margins.

Then the Club then presented a number of awards to the players and supporters.

First, the BCF NFL Fantasy League Winners presented by James Duffie the League Manager

2020-21, Joe McIlwaine (Div 1) and Steven Cliffe (Prem), followed by

2021-22, Arnold Masayila (Div 1) and Kevin Woods (Prem)


For making himself available to film all of the Fillies games during the WFFL, a Videographer of the Year certificate was presented to Joe Woods.


Medals were then presented to each of the players the 2021 BAFA League Season, Broncos, Colts and Fillies.


Then on to the Club Awards:-

The Club’s Comedy Award is a well established tradition, and celebrates some of the comical moments that happen on Flag Football game and practice days.

The 2021 Comedy Award was presented to Alison Woods for her Interception Run the wrong way for a Safety.




The Kelpie Award is for any Club Member who has gone “Above and Beyond” for the club.

The 2021 Kelpie Award was presented to Euan MacLean

As well as helping out at the set-up and pack-up of game days, Euan has put a lot of effort into his playing. The result has been his rise up the depth chart to the point where he was the third most targeted receiver on the Colts roster.






It seemed almost inevitable that the 2021 Most Memorable Play award would go to Alison Woods, for her interception returned for a touchdown following closely after her Comedy Award Play


The Rookie of the Year Award is not one we have been able to award too often. This year, with more new players than we have ever had before, it was a difficult choice.

The Rookie Award for 2021 went to – Bethany Thomson





The Club Hall of Fame is our way of honouring past members who have been of great service to the club.

From one of the newest players in the Club to one of the oldest.

After 16 years at the Club, playing at least 211 games for the Broncos and Colts, scoring 454 points, including a memorable Pick-6, our inductee has represented his country, playing for Scotland on numerous occasions, and for Great Britain where he won a Bronze medal at the European Championships.

The 2021 Hall of Fame Inductee – David Mooney


Offensive Players of the Year Award

Grangemouth Broncos Offensive Player of the Year 2021

Kevin Woods

(Award presented by )




Grangemouth Colts Offensive Player of the Year 2021

Steven Cliffe

(Award presented by )





Grangemouth Fillies Offensive Player of the Year 2021

Bethany Thomson

(Award presented by )






Defensive Player of the Year Award

Grangemouth Fillies Defensive Player of the Year 2021

Megan Shelley

(Presented by )


Grangemouth Colts Defensive Player of the Year 2021

Craig Hutchison

(Presented, at a later date, by Jimmy Thomson)



Grangemouth Broncos Defensive Player of the Year 2021

Sarah Wakelin

(Presented by )


There then followed a Team Presentation. Craig Dempsey was presented with a ball signed by all his team-mates for his commitment to the team playing through injury when the Colts were short of players.


The Performance Award is a discretionary award for occasions where the Club Coaches and Committee decide that there has been an outstanding overall performance that merits recognition, but the Offensive and Defensive MVP awards have gone to other people.

The 2021 Performance Award was presented to James Duffie


Players’ Player of the Year

These awards are voted by the team.

Grangemouth Fillies 2021 Players’ Player of the Year

Megan Shelley

(Presented by )



Grangemouth Colts 2021 Players’ Player of the Year

Steven Cliffe

(Presented by )





Grangemouth Broncos 2021 Players’ Player of the Year

Kevin Woods

(Presented by )