Scott McKenzie

Player – Senior Flag

Broncos – #83

2010 – Present

In 2022 Scott will be playing with the Grangemouth Broncos in the BAFA Premier North






In 2019 Scott was a member of the Broncos team who were 2 points from the Britbowl final. They ended their league season fourth place in the UK.

In 2018 Scott was one of the Five Man team who won the BAFA National Plate in Manchester. That result effectively place them in 8th place in the UK rankings.

Scott started playing Flag for the Broncos Cadets in 2001, then moved through the Junior and Youth teams, then a short hiatus from 2007 until he joined the Senior team in 2010.

Scott is one of those players who seem to be ready to play in whatever position the coach decides, but seems to have found a permanent place as a Quarterback.

As at 22/08/2022

Senior Games Scores
Played Won Lost Tied TDs XPs 2XPs Pick 6 Safety 2pt Ret Points
Broncos 271 194 73 4 64 27 3 429
Colts 8 4  2 2
Fillies 5 1 4

Scot has played the majority of the games above as a Quarterback. Unfortunately no stats were kept prior to 2017 on passes for scores.

BAFA Senior League
2019 – Fourth place at National Finals.
2019 Premier North first seeds at British Finals
2019 Premier HNC – Champions
2018 Premier Plate Winners – Member of the 5 man team that won the competition
2018 Premier HNC – 3rd Place
2017 BAFA HNC Central Winner – Second Round in Post Season Play-Offs
2016 BAFA HNC South Winner, British Quarter-Finalist
2015 BAFANL HNC South Winner, British Quarter-Finalist
2014 BAFANL HNC North Winner, British Quarter-Finalist


2019 Granite City Quaich Winner
2019 Big Bowl (Frankfurt, Germany) – 21st place
2018 Big Bowl (Frankfurt, Germany) – 26th place
BAFA Pre-Season Challenge Cup – Runners up
2016 Granite City Quaich – Runner Up
2016 Fight Like a Girl Charity Tournament – Winner
2016 Flagging New Year – Winner
2015 Six Flags Tournament – Winner
2014 Nuola Winter Classic Tournament – Runner Up

Club Awards

Performance Award

Comedy Award
Offensive Player of the Year


National and International

2019 Super Fives winner as a player with the HNC Chieftains
Super Fives winner as a player twice in 2017 with the HNC Chieftains


Home Nations Winner 2010 and 2011

World Record Holder in 2012 for the Longest Flag Game – 26 hours


Prior to playing Senior…

3rd in the 2007 Scottish Youth  League.
Runner-Up in the 2007 SFFA West / Central Youth Conference.

Youth Games Scores
Played Won Lost Tied TDs XPs 2XPs Pick 6 Safety 2pt Ret Points
2 1 1


2006 Scottish Junior League Champion

Junior Games Scores
Played Won Lost Tied TDs XPs 2XPs Pick 6 Safety 2pt Ret Points
10 7 3

Winner of the 2005 Cadet MVP BOWL
North/East Cadet Conference 51-24 West/Central

Team England 19 @ Scotland ‘B’ 14

Winner of the 2005 SFFA North/East Conference Cadet League
Runners-Up in the 2005 SFFA Scottish Cadet League
Runner-Up at 2005 FlameBowl (Cadets)

Winner of the 2004 SFFA North/East Conference Cadet League.
Runner-Up in the 2004 SFFA Scottish Cadet League Finals
Runner-Up at the 2004 Claymores NFL Kick-Off Carnival (Cadets)
Runner-Up at the 2004 FlameBowl (Cadets)

SCOTLAND “B” International v ENGLAND 2003
Scotland Cadet B (U-13) 20 – 31 England Cadets

2003 SFFA Scottish Cadet League Champion
Winner of the 2003 SFFA North/East Conference Cadet League
Winner of the 2003 Claymores Super Bowl Weekend (Cadets)
Winner of the 2003 Claymores NFL Kick-Off Carnival (Cadets)
Winner of the 2003 SAU Bowl (Cadets)
Winner of the 2003 Scouper Bowl III in Inverness. (Cadets)

Winner of the 2002 SFFA Central Conference Cadet League  (Cadets)
Winner of the 2002 Claymores NFL Kick-Off Weekend  (Cadets)
Winner of the 2002 W.C.O Clyde Bowl  (Cadets)
Winner of the 2002 Independence Bowl  (Cadets)
Runner-Up at the 2002 SAU Bowl (Cadet)

Cadet Games Scores
Played Won Lost Tied TDs XPs 2XPs Pick 6 Safety 2pt Ret Points
60 51 9 2 2