Arnold Masayila

Player – Senior Flag

Colts – #2

2012, 2014, 2018, 2021

Once again Arnold joins the team for one year then is off again. No doubt we will see him again.

In 2021 Arnold played with the Grangemouth Colts in the BAFA HNC (Scottish) League.

Due to COVID restrictions a flat structure within each of the four UK regions. That meant the Broncos and Colts in the same league for the first time.


After a spell with the EK Pirates, Arnold returns to the Club in 2021

In 2019 Arnold couldn’t commit to playing in the league as his love for playing Tackle Football had returned and he played with the EK Pirates.

Arnold has made a few appearances for the Broncos over the years before going off to play tackle Football with the University of Stirling. After playing, Arnold took up a coaching position, but has now returned to the fold as a Colts player in 2018.



As at 03/07/2021

Senior Games Scores
Played Won Lost Tied TDs XPs 2XPs Pick 6 Safety 2pt Ret Points
Broncos 17 11 6 0 6 36
Colts 10 4 6