Andy Wyatt

Past Player – Senior Flag

2010 – 2014

Andy Wyatt (Viper) joined the Broncos after the demise of the Lanarkshire Steelers.

Andy was yet another Broncos player who defied his age and was a very effective player for the Broncos, whether on offence or defence. He was unfortunate that he was part of the team when the average age was in the high forties, and the number of players in the squad was at it’s lowest point. The majority of the wins that Andy played in were during the last couple of years as a Broncos player. He definitely scored many more points for the Broncos than have been recorded below. His stats suffered from the lack of accurate reporting at that time.

Andy Wyatt
Games Scores
Played Won Lost Tied TDs XPs 2XPs Pick 6 Safety Points
27 7 19  1 2 3 15

Was part of the support crew for the World Record Longest Flag Game (26 hours) in 2012