Gordon McSherry

Player – Senior Flag

Colts – #13

2015 – 2016
2017 (Post Season) – 2020

In 2020 Gordy’s personal circumstances took him back to Edinburgh where he re-joined the Edinburgh Outlaws. Gordy remains a non-playing member of the Club. Who knows, maybe he will come back to the Club to play again.

In 2019 Gordy played with the Grangemouth Colts in the BAFA Division 1 HNC Conference



Gordy was one of the regular Flag players at the Meadows in Edinburgh for many years before joining the Broncos.

For the 2017 Season Gordy played with the Edinburgh Outlaws, but by the end of the season, when the Broncos announce they would be fielding two teams, Broncos and Colts, he committed himself to playing with the Colts.

Gordy was one of the Lardy Boys at Scottish Claymores games.

As at 04/04/2019

Senior Games Scores
Played Won Lost Tied TDs XPs 2XPs Pick 6 Safety 2pt Ret Points
Broncos 44 33 11 18 8 116
Colts 64 25 34 5 21 16 142


World Record Holder in 2012 for the Longest Flag Game – 26 hours