All Time – Points Scored

The source of the data for the table below is the old Broncos web site and the stats being kept more recently.

The stats being kept over the past three to four years have been kept more accurately than in the past. Consequently, the people who have played for the Broncos longer will have scored many more times than is shown in the table. In fact, while we know the results of some games, the final scores have not been recorded.

What we do know is that the Broncos have scored at least 7041 points and we know the scorers of 5979 points. That means there are over 1000 points that we know about not allocated to players.

Here is the current…

All Time Top 10 – Points Scored


Player Points Scored


Callum Woods 2010 – present 777


Jimmy Thomson 2001 – present 770


Kevin Woods 2012 – present 700
4 Liam Fleming 2014 – present



David Mooney 2002 – present 428


Fraser Thomson 2010 – present


7 Matthew Ross 2015 – present


8 Kenny McKay 2008 – 2015


9= Adam Donaldson 2007 – 2009


9= Scott McKenzie 2010 – present


31/07/2018 – End of Regular season. Callum Woods overtakes both Jimmy Thomson and Kevin Woods for the number 1 spot. Matthew Ross moves up to No.7, keeping Scott McKenzie at No. 9, but now equal with Adam Donaldson.

03/06/2018 – Mid Season and after Big Bowl XII (But with some Big Bowl scores not accounted for, yet), Liam overtakes David Mooney. Matthew Ross jumps into the top ten at number ten, displacing Graham Taylor. Congratulations to Matthew Ross for breaking the 200 point mark, and to Kevin on making the 700 points mark. Callum Woods continues to close on his brother at number 2, now only 2 points behind. and on the number one spot!

03/04/2018 – Post Pre-Season Cup, Liam overtakes Fraser. Congratulations to both for breaking the 400 points marker. Congratulations to Callum Woods on breaking the 600 point mark. He is rapidly closing in on both is brother at number 2 and on the number one spot!

25/03/2018 – Post Flagging Iron Man and Chargers Friendly matches, Fraser leapfrogs back in front of Liam.

22/01/2018 – Post FNY III – Callum moves up to number 3. Liam overtakes Fraser for the number 5 spot. Scott McKenzie moves up to number 9.