Broncos and Colts May Update (Yes, a little bit late!)

First, the club apologies for the lack of information over the past weeks. It has been a fairly hectic summer of Flag Football.
Hopefully updates will follow thick and fast until we get up to date.

Colts Update – 26th May
After a 1 – 1 day in their first league fixture in the BAFA Div 1 HNC the Colts were hoping to improve when they traveled to Paisley. With a second match up against the Sabers, the Club had done their homework. A pair of TDs and an XP for both Mark Wallace and Joe McIlwaine, plus an XP for Steven Cliffe gave them a 27 – 6 win as revenge for the first game.
Paisley Spartans have improved their game since last year, especially at quarterback. This may have caught the Colts off guard a bit but it didn’t stop them pinching the win 27 – 26. Two TDs and two XPs from Gordon McSherry, a TD each for Mark Wallace and Steven Cliffe and an XP for Joe Mcilwaine were the Offensive hilights. Two forced groundings and a sack from Louise Donnelly kept the Paisley QB under pressure.

Broncos Update – 27th May
This was the first of the Cross Conference games as the Scottish teams took on the North of England (MEC) Prem conference.
The Broncos travelled to Newcastle for a three game fixture.
In the first game against the Manchester Titans, the game was fairly even early on, but the Broncos always seemd to have the edge. They made the pressure count and had a comfortable victory in the end. 40 – 25.
Three TDs and an XP for Callum Woods, two TDs from Liam Fleming, 1 TD for Matty Ross and two XPs from Kevin Simpson were the Offence scores. On Defence an interception each from Callum Woods and Luke Morrice, plus a sack from Jimmy Thomson were the hilights.
In the second game against old foes, the Newcastle Blackhawks, ended with a more emphatic win, 46 – 12. Again, this was a close game early on, but the Broncos just stuck to their game plan. Two TDs for Liam Fleming, one TD each for Kevin Woods, Callum Woods and Matthew Ross, plus 2 XPs for Jimmy Thomson and 1 each from Callum Woods and Matthew Ross. On defence, a pick six for Callum Woods, but the highlight of the day had to be Fraser Thomson’s pick six as he dragged the Blackhawks receiver into the end-zone. Luke Morrice and Kevin Woods also caught interceptions.
Game three was against the Manchester Crows, another reasonably well know quantity. The Broncos established a lead and never looked too troubled, even after the Crows scored. 39 – 7.
Two TDs and two XPs for Callum Woods, TDs for Matthew Ross, Liam Fleming and Jimmy Thomson and an XP from Kevin Simpson. The Offencive highlight of the day was a length of the field run from Kevin Woods in the last play of the game, his last play of the regular season for the Broncos before he left for Camp America. On Defence, interceptions for Callum Woods and Fraser Thomson.

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