Colts – Winter League Week 3

There was no report on the Colts Week 2 Winter League performance. This was possibly due to the fact the team didn’t perform.
The plan on that day had been to allow substitutions to happen naturally. This has in the past served the Broncos well. Unfortunately, the coaching staff didn’t appreciate that few of the players who have arrived at the club over the past couple of years have experienced this style. Consequently, the day did not go well with only one tie to show for the four games.

Last Sunday (Jan 13th) was an improvement on the previous game day, though the results may not have shown that. One win out of four games looks to be only a marginal improvement.
The day before the fixture, regular QB Andy Brown was forced to withdraw from the games. With back-up Steven Cliffe also unavailable, that meant the Colts had to find a QB or two at short notice.
In stepped Kevin Simpson and Callum Woods. Neither have had any practice as QBs in for some time, so it should have come as no surprise that the offence was a little bit hit and miss.
As for the Defence, there are still a lot of the new players getting used to what the Head Coach is looking for. So, they too were a bit hit and miss.

Breaking the four games into two halves makes for interesting reading.
First game:-
1st half – Killerbees 20 – Colts 0 (Two interceptions thrown by the Colts)
2nd half – Killer Bees 6 – Colts 6
Second game:-
1st half – Silvercats 13 – Colts 0 (Two interceptions thrown by Colts)
2nd half – Silvercats 12 – Colts 13
Third game
1st half – Chargers 0 – Colts 6
2nd half – Chargers 7 – Colts 14
4th game
1st half – Carnegie 14 – Colts 0 (One interception thrown by Colts)
2nd half – Carnegie 7 – Colts 9 (both teams threw interceptions)
The moral of the story, if the Colts could learn to start games faster, before they are behind by at least two scores, they may start winning more.
Player stats on the day.
Killerbees game – Gordon McSherry 1 TD. Louise Donnelly 1 sack.
Silvercats game – Ally Mundie 1 TD, Gordon McSherry 1 TD and Joe McIlwaine 1 XP
Chargers game – James Duffie 2 TDs, Kevin Simpson, 1 TD, Ally Mundie 1 XP, Gordon McSherry 1 XP. Louise Donnelly 1 sack.
Carnegie game – Gavin Cullen 1 Interception. Billy Corner 1 sack.

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