One Step Forward

The Club is pleased to announce that we are on the first step towards normal operations. Having had virtually no Flag activity for a whole year everyone is keen to get back out on the field, enjoying our sport.

Step One
Practice is restarting on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately we are limited to players from the Falkirk area. People who live outside of the local area are not yet permitted to cross the border to join in.
In addition, the sessions are limited in what we can do. We are allowed to run routes and throw and catch the ball, but no contact is allowed, so no Flag pulling. We are currently working on fitness and ball skills.

Step Two
All things being well we hope to be able to welcome the people from outside the Falkirk area to practice sessions from the 24th of April. The sessions will likely still be non-contact.

Step Three
The 22nd of May should see us back up to whatever the new normal is for regular club practices.

Step Four
The current plan for the BAFA 2021 season will have both the Broncos and the Colts playing in an All HNC league, playing each of the Scottish teams once.
Longer term, we hope to have our Ladies team, the Grangemouth Fillies, up to speed and with luck able to take part in the BAFA Opal League around October.

Throughout all of this the club will be operating under Covid rules around hygiene and social distancing where necessary.