Broncos and Colts Annual Awards Night

The Club held their Annual Review and Awards Night last night, 12th October.

2013 Awards Night

Year on year, the Awards Night is growing. From it’s infancy where eight players got together at the Thomson house, to this year’s celebration which included Players, past and present, family, friends and even a few players from rival clubs.




Chair Person, Jimmy Thomson, delivered the presentation which outlined a fairly hectic year which seemed to contain more than it’s fair share of incident:-
* Creation of the new Colts team
* Flagging New Year III sixth place for the Club team
* Flagging Iron Man outing for both Broncos and Colts
* Broncos runners-up in the BAFA Pre Season Challenge Cup
* Early league successes for both Broncos and Colts
* Great start to Big Bowl XII
* Disaster in Big Bowl game four as both Fraser and Keven were sidelined
* Satisfying conclusion to Big Bowl despite losing our two starters
* Continued league successes for the Colts, while the Broncos found the going more bumpy.
* Colts – Runners up in the BAFA Division 1 HNC.
* Broncos – Third place in BAFA Premier HNC
* Valiant effort by SIX Colts players at British National Finals in Sheffield.
* Ultimately, Colts were 8th in UK at Div 1 level.
* Colts beaten by Inverclyde Comets in Promotion Play-Off
* FIVE man Broncos team winning BAFA National Plate Competition

Quite a memorable year in so many ways.

After the review, it was time to present the Club’s Awards.

All players for the Broncos and the Colts were presented with Medals for the 2018 season.

Then came the individual Awards.

Broncos Spectator of the Year

Broncos Spectator of the Year 2018 – Megan Shelley

Megan Shelley has traveled all around the country following the Broncos, and even into Europe. She has helped on the sideline whenever asked with BARELY a complaint. Filming, photographing and recording stats as required. It felt appropriate that her efforts should be rewarded with the 2018 Broncos Spectator of the Year Award.

Her award was presented by Steven Cliffe the Club’s Events coordinator.


2018 Comedy Award
There were a number of comical instances throughout the year, particularly around Kevin Woods and Matty Ross. So while the duo missed out on the award itself, it was a photo creation by Jimmy Thomson which actually lifted the prize. He combined a photo of each of them for Bigbowl to make a disturbing/comical “masterpiece”. The Award was presented by last year’s Comedy Award winner Liam Fleming

Kelpie Award
The Kelpie Award is given to club members who in the eyes of the committee and coaches have exceeded expectations or have gone the extra mile for the Club over the past year.
This year there were two Kelpie Awards delivered.
Kristopher Walker is a Colts rookie in 2018. He turned up at the club before the start of the season and immediately injured himself. That usually means we never see a player again.
However, he got himself fit and came back. He wasn’t quite ready to play yet, but he came to the Colts game days where he helped with the video and as waterboy. At our home fixtures he helped with the set out of the field and with the packing away, not just for the Colts, but for the Broncos too. He did a lot more work around the club than some of the established players.

Our second Kelpie Award goes to Bethany Thomson, a new member of the club. She has been at almost all of the club games this year. Both Broncos and Colts, league, tournaments and friendlies. All over the country, and only work stopped her from travelling with the team to Big Bowl in Germany. She has helped out on the sideline with video and photography, taking stats, fetching and carrying. She has joined in at team practices when required even though she currently has no intention of playing. Her enthusiasm for the club is such that it has brought friends along to our games and nights out.

The Kelpie Awards were presented by Club Chairman Jimmy Thomson

Team Awards
These awards are decided by the Club Coaches and Committee. The awards are given to the players who have contributed most to the offensive and defensive side of the team’s performance.

Grangemouth Colts Offensive Player of the Year
The Nominees were, Mark Andrews, Andy Brown and Steven Cliffe.
The Award was presented to… Andy Brown. Broony only missed one offensive play in all 10 regular season games.
As a rookie quarterback, he passed for 26 of the team’s 32 touchdowns and ran in four himself. Including the 19 extra point conversions, he passed for 175 of the team total 205 points.
He attempted 358 passes, completing almost 60%, for a QB rating of 75.8 (NFL calculation with yardage excluded).

The Award was presented by Broncos Team Rep, Callum Woods.

Grangemouth Colts Defensive Player of the Year
The Nominees were, Arnold Masayila, Mark Wallace, Andy Brown
The Award was presented to… Mark Wallace. Mark played absolutely every defensive down in the ten regular season games.
He had the third highest number of tackles.
Mark may have been the safety that opposing quarterbacks should have been avoiding, but he still had the team highest total of passes defended. 12 tips and 5 interceptions.
He was so close on a number of occasions to taking the interceptions back for a TD.

The Award was presented by Broncos Team Rep, Liam Fleming.

Grangemouth Colts Team Award
When it became apparent that the team wouldn’t have a quarterback for the post season games, Steven Cliffe stepped forward (or did the rest of the team step back). Regardless, Steven then spent the next couple of months trying to learn the QB position. While everyone thinks they can be the quarterback, as Steven found out, once you are into competitive games, it isn’t as easy as some people make it look. In appreciation of his efforts the Colts team presented him with a game ball signed by his team-mates.

Grangemouth Broncos Offensive Player of the Year
The Nominees were Matthew Ross, Callum Woods and Scott McKenzie
The Award was presented to… Callum Woods. Callum played in all but two regular season games.
He was the top scorer for the team on offence, with 15 TDs and 7 XPs. That’s 97 points. He also passed the ball for two TDs and an XP.
He was the receiver most targeted by a long way and caught 61% of the passes.

The Award was presented by Colts Team Rep, Gordon McSherry.


Grangemouth Broncos Defensive Player of the Year
The Nominees were Fraser Thomson, Callum Woods and Liam Fleming
The Award was presented to… Liam Fleming. Liam played 9 of the fourteen regular season games.
He had the highest number of passes defended. That is the most tips (8) and the most interceptions (also 8). He is the of the 3 Broncos players to return an interception for a touchdown.

The Award was presented by Colts Team Rep, Andy Brown.


Grangemouth Broncos Performance Award
The Performance Award is a discretionary award for occasions where the Club Coaches and Committee decide that there has been an outstanding performance that merits recognition, but both the Offensive and Defensive MVP awards have already been given.
The award was presented to… Matthew Ross. Matty was actually on the park most overall throughout the BAFA Regular Season.
On offence he was the second highest points scorer, the second most targeted receiver, with the second best completion percentage.
On defence he had the third highest total number of tackles. That included four sacks or tackles for loss.

The Award was presented by Club Chairman Jimmy Thomson.

Players’ Player of the Year Awards
This award is voted on by all the players for their own team.

The Players’ Player of the Year awards were presented by the Canalside Bar and Grill representative, Yvonne Cliffe.

Grangemouth Colts Players’ Player of the Year Award.
The Colts players who were nominated for this award were – Andy Brown, Gordon McSherry, Mark Wallace and Steven Cliffe
The Colts Players’ Player of the Year 2018 is – Mark Wallace.




Grangemouth Broncos Players’ Player of the Year Award.
The Broncos players who were nominated for this award were – Callum Woods, Fraser Thomson, Liam Fleming, Matthew Ross and Scott McKenzie
The Broncos Players’ Player of the Year 2018 is – Callum Woods.




After what was a really good year for the club it was no surprise the Party, once the awards were delivered, went on into the wee hours of the morning.

The Club would like to thank everyone who attended the awards night and invite them to come back in 2019 when we hope to be celebrating an even better year.