Flag Football Close-Down

As with everything else at the current time, our Flag Football operation has been closed down to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
As you can imagine, this is extremely frustrating for our members who all try to keep active, so that we can enjoy our sport.
Many of the guys and girls are doing what they can, in isolation, to stay fit. We have members who are Personal Trainers, coaches at varying levels and people who have spent a life-time keeping themselves fit and healthy, all of whom are passing on ideas for different drills and exercises, mainly to keep the whole idea of training on your own fresh. But this isn’t happening just within our club. There is a wider Flag Football community where players and teams have close ties, where we are sharing experiences and supporting each other.
If there is anyone reading this, and is struggling to stay motivated, try getting in touch with the Club through our Facebook Pages (Grangemouth Flag Football Club, Grangemouth Broncos Flag Football and Grangemouth Colts Flag Football). There are lots of people who would be willing to give you any hints and tips they can to help you get through this period.
The Club wishes only the best for all of our family, friends and supporters in this uncertain time.
We are looking forward to us all getting together and having a party when the current crisis is over.

Look out for news on our first training sessions for our two mixed teams, the Broncos and Colts and for our Ladies Only team, the Fillies.

Also, look out for some exciting news about the club expanding into the youth arena too.

See you soon.