There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel

As the UK begins to ease it’s Covid-19 restrictions Grangemouth Flag Football Club are looking forward to getting back into action.
The British American Football Association are planning to allow limited practice and fitness sessions for England from Friday 5th of June, but Clubs and Players in Scotland and Wales are still bound by the rules of our devolved governments. So, for the moment there is no change for us. However, we can anticipate that when the Scottish Government give the go-ahead, the Scottish Flag Football Community will follow similar guidelines:-
To see the full guidance, follow this link:- BAFA Update – 4th June

Grangemouth Flag Football Club plans:-
Before the Club can schedule any practices, we will need the permission of Falkirk Community Trust to use their facilities.
Having said that, as soon as possible, the club will begin practice sessions. Initially, players will practice with their own Broncos / Colts / Fillies team-mates. The group sizes will conform to the government rules at the time (England will be allowing a maximum of six).
Ideally, until the restrictions relax further, people will remain in the same groups at every session.

Unfortunately, until the restrictions relax further any recruitment must be limited. New players for the current adult teams may be accepted into a training group, but coaching opportunities will be limited.

Additionally, restrictions must be further lifted before we can attempt any “taster sessions” for under age teams.

As details become clearer on what each new phase of relaxing the restrictions will look like we will be able to go into a full “Recruitment Drive” for all teams.

For people looking to get involved with the sport in any way, get in touch with the Club via Facebook and we will keep you informed of progress.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well and we will see you soon.